The products that we propose in Asia mainly come from suppliers based in Europe (Scandinavia, UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland) and Japan. They consist of:

  • Antibiotics: Quinolone
  • Ophtalmology: Myopia
  • Gastro-Enterology: Probiotics
  • Geriatrics: Osteoporosis, Hormones
  • Oncology: Radiotherapy
  • Esthetic surgery: Hyaluronic Acids
  • Dermatology: Derma Therapy Wound Healing
  • Surgery: Wound healing
  • Hepatology: Cholagogues and Choleretics
  • Gynecology: Feminine Hygiene, Hormones
  • Cardiology: Lipid Regulator
  • Pediatrics: Probiotics
  • Blood derivatives: Coagulation factors, Albumin, Gamma Globulin
  • Neurology: Vinca Alkaloids

Skin Care ranges, moisturizers, whitening, anti-ageing, color cosmetics and fragrances, baby care ranges.

Health Food Supplements

Various pathologies from children to elderly people based on herbal extracts and bioproteins.

Medical Devices

OrthoKeratology lenses for the control of Myopia

Animal Health

Racing Horses feed amino acids supplements.